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Forms and function – neat typography and icons

You cannot be ambiguous when presenting facts or getting your message across. Your words, type, symbols and colours all need to work hard so that the reader doesn’t have to.

Typographic design and information graphics are involved in much of our work. We are used to dealing with complex data and figures to produce charts, diagrams and detailed typographic design.

The real trick is to convey information in a seemingly effortless way, communicating often complex data in a simple way. Your audience should not have to work too hard to get the gist.

We also design, rationalise and produce forms, questionnaires, reports and other information rich materials.

Forms are often overlooked as design problems, yet form filling can be an everyday experience and a badly designed or overly complicated form can waste time and money and potentially harm the public’s perception of a business or brand. We design forms in both print and digital media, the end result is always efficient, streamlined and user-friendly. 

Aon infographic
Business type icons for Aon
Spread from Aon report
Museum infographic
Museum information panel

Contact us for samples of recent work. Over the coming months we will be posting more information graphics projects and explaining our processes and techniques.


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